1. Do you always shoot with a contract?

Yes. Every shooting - be it TfP or Pay - is contract-based. This is fair for both model and photographer.

2. Which languages are available?

I've got contract versions in German and English.

3. Will I be able to read it before the shooting?

Of course. Usually I send the contract to the model at least some days before the planned shooting. You'll have enough time to thoroughly read it and ask questions.

4. Can we add individual parts?

We can for sure speak about it. In the past I've added requests like "don't publish the model name", "link to the model setcard on publication", etc. - adaptations like these aren't a problem.

1. Do I need to bring the contract?

No. I'll bring two copies of the contract - one for you, one for me. You don't need to print / pre-fill anything.

2. Can we shoot if I don't have any rainwear?

Definitely. I've got a huge collection of rainwear, shiny clothes and boots and will bring an adequate selection to the shooting.

3. It's our first shooting - can I bring someone to accompany me?

Of course. Especially when it's the first shooting and the photographer is a stranger it can help to relax if e.g. a friend or partner is around. He/she can watch from the background or even assist with some light, if he/she wants 🙂

4. Do I have to do everything you say?

Of course not. For me it's most important that the two of us enjoy the shooting and feel comfortable. 

5. Do you spontaneously change plans in the shooting?

It depends. I'll always stick to our agreements - if we e.g. agreed to do a fully-clothed shooting I won't ask you to do semi-nude posing. If we e.g. said we wanted to do a dry shooting, but it's a hot Summer's day and there's a warm lake nearby - then we could do some wet poses as well, if it's fine for the two of us. But I'll never insist on this - it'll always be a proposal only.

6. There should be rain at our planned outdoor shooting - what to do?

Maybe bring some warmer clothes for underneath. We'll shoot in any weather (ok... maybe not in a Blizzard...). With all the rainwear you'll be well-protected. I just need a little trust from your side that we'll be able to still generate great pictures.

7. Surprinsingly it should be freezing cold at our planned outdoor shooting - what to do?

We've got different options - let's just check what's best for us: (1) Bring some warmer clothes, gloves, a hood / (2) I'll organize an indoor location (depends on current Covid situation) / (3) We'll find a new date.

8. I want to be safe in Covid times - are you vaccinated?

Yes - currently I've got three vaccinations (last one was the "booster") and will keep it up to date. You can check my vaccination certificate before shooting and I can bring self-tests as well. 

1. Do you pay for every shooting?

Yes, if it's an explicit "pay-shooting" and agreed as such. No, if it's a TfP shooting - in this case I'll "pay" with the resulting images, not with money.

2. How do you pay?

How ever the model wants it. In first-time-shootings it's usually cash. If it's our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ... shooting and we know each other I prefer PayPal or wire transfer (which we'll define in the contract before). In the end, however, it's the model's decision.

3. Do you take over travelling expenses?

It depends. My most extreme case was "I want 50 EUR extra for shooting in any location (even if near) around Munich." If that's your attitude I'm the wrong photographer. In all other cases let's just talk - if you're e.g. a student or you're living farther away from the location we'll for sure find a solution.

1. As a model - do I get the pictures after the shooting?

In case of TfP shootings you get all resulting and non-optimized pictures (if you wish I'll send my "best-of" choice of optimized pictures as well). In case of Pay shootings I'll send you my "best-of" choice of optimized pictures - of course only if you want them.

2. Can I - as a model - decide which pictures can be published and which not?

Unless I'm not violating our shooting agreements everyone of us can decide on his/her own which pictures to publish. In  my early photographing days I had a model who wouldn't allow me to publish any picture of a 3-hours-shooting - this will never happen to me again. In the end it's a question of perspective / artistic freedom - maybe I as a photographer like an image you as a model don't like and vice versa.  That's okay.

1. I don't have a car - how can I get to the remote location?

I can offer to pick you up from and bring you back to a nearby train / bus / ... station with my car. 

2. My English / German are bad - what to do?

I speak German, English, Spanish and French. It'd be good to have at least a small common basis in one of these languages. Some details we can check with "Google Translate" then. 

3. I've got a friend that would like to model as well - can I bring him/her?

Sure, let's speak about some shooting ideas and shoot together!

4. I'm a beginner / older / don't have the "classical" model shape - can we shoot anyway?

Of course we can. I can only repeat myself: "Beauty is everywhere.  It just needs to be captured."

5. I want to shoot with you apart from your current jobs - is this possible?

Definitely. Just contact me and let's talk about your ideas.